The Magic of Weightloss Before Wedding

The Magic of Weightloss Before Wedding

Every girl has a dream to look perfectly chiseled in her dream lehenga and work down the aisle in picture-perfect shape. I was yearning for the same! All I wanted to lose some kilos and drape that lovely pink lehenga only to look like the woman of his dreams. This desire alone motivated me enough to take painful exercises, eat bland food, sip heaps of green tea, say NO to cake and ice-creams. Those detox diets and green tea hysteria drove me nuts, but the results were outstanding. A couple of weeks before exchanging vows, I had lost eight kgs flat. I was elated, but you know what happened next?

My Skin Was Glowing: A detox diet combined with liters of green tea helped my skin glow like never before. It was magical to see how flawless my face looked and the way it radiated. When asked Professional Makeup Artist in Pune, they agreed to the fact that a perfect diet and green tea replenish the skin.

Simply Perfect Shape: Flaunting my flat tummy was the only desire I had! All I wanted was that my lehenga should be a little more revealing.

Better Stamina: A good stamina is the first sign of being healthy. Once you are in shape, even after hours of work you have ample of energy left in your body.

Simply Gorgeous Jawline and Collar Bone: Professional Makeup Artists in India agree to the fact that the jawline looks sharp and collarbone appears highlighted once the weight is well monitored. I witnessed it too!

My Lehenga Fit Was a Challenge:

As my body looked trimmed and in shape, I was all the more excited to try my lehenga again and again. But with extensive weight loss, I had to get it refitted about 3-4 times in a row. Though I loved it, I was worried that it shouldn’t look too big and unaltered on the day of my wedding.

However, everything went perfect, and I had a fantastic wedding!

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