How Are You Planning to Color Code Your Wedding?

Gone are the days when mundane, traditional weddings took place. Today a modern bride is always on a lookout for thematic weddings. If you are a bride-to-be with a dream to have one of the most memorable and trendsetting weddings, this blog is just what you need. To make your wedding lucrative wedding we have listed theme and colour codes. Read ahead and choose a different colour code for a different event so that you leave your guests swooning!

Orange and Yellow: For your haldi ceremony, go for yellow and orange colour code. This bright theme works wonder during the day as the sunlight balances out the starkness of the bright hues. You could go for medium orange too. For a traditional touch use lots of marigold for the decor.

Red and Black: To make your sagan decor classy, go for red and black colour code. To avoid too dark ambience, see to it that the venue is well lit. Use red carnations, silver frills, and candles to deck up the ambience.

Mint and Gold: Pep up your wedding venue with mint and gold. Use this combination especially if you are planning for a bohemian styled outdoor wedding. Avoid choosing too many strong elements as they could steal the limelight from the original thematic colours.

Teal and Grey: Choose teal and grey for a subtle and timeless colour combination. These two light shades look stunning during the day. The combination is adorable as it is subtle to the eyes and unique. To add extra jazz, throw in some carnations in coral shades.

Monz Tip: As you prep up for your wedding and select a perfect colour code, do not keep your makeup at bay. If you do not wish to hire a makeup artist, you could enroll for Makeup Classes in Pune and get ready b yourself on the big day!

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