5 Reasons Why a Toner Should Be an Important Part of a Bride’s Vanity

5 Reasons Why a Toner Should Be an Important Part of a Bride’s Vanity

It looks like you are too busy planning your dream wedding. It is vital that you schedule and finish all the preparations beforehand so that there is ample amount of time left for your skincare regime. Ask any Makeup Artist in India, and you will know how important it is to take care of your skin before the big day. All you need to glow and look radiant is immunity from stress and a good toner.

Wondering what a good toner can do? Well, it’s like a magic wand and a staple for your skin. Makeup Artists in Pune have cited 5 Reasons Why a Toner Should Be an Important Part of a Bride’s Vanity, and they are:

Toner Cleanses the Skin and Rebalances It: You should use a toner after a facewash and right before you apply a moisturizer. The toner removes all the skin impurities like dust, dirt, makeup residue and cleanses it thoroughly. Not only this, water-based toners are very skin-soothing and rebalance the skin pH after repetitive use of harsh cleansers.

A Good Toner Hydrates the Skin: Toners repair the skin and return all the moisture that is lost due to makeup and various harsh skin products.

Toners Shrink the Size of Pores: Toners give back the skin its natural balance and close the opened pores. With regular use, the skin pores become smaller and help the skin look unblemished.

Toners Are Great to Prepare the Skin for Wedding Day: A toner must be used right before the bridal makeup to protect and safeguard harsh chemicals in beauty products. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera in toners combat skin acne by removing dead bacteria and prevent them from reoccurring. So no more acne or its scars.

Toners Are Loaded With Anti-ageing Properties: Toners with skin essentials like plant cells and Vitamin E provide anti-aging properties that help the skin look younger and reduce fine lines at the same time.

So, keep the toner in your vanity now!

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