Wedding Tips for Brides

Wedding Day is the most celebrated and photographed day of your life. You need to make sure that everything from seating arrangements, catering, music, apparels to décor is done correctly. With so many things-to-do, keep your makeup on the top of the list and book a celebrity makeup artist, who will serve you at your doorstep.
It is better to avoid as many makeup blunders as possible. Hence we have listed must-know Wedding Tips for Brides.
Consider Your Wedding Season: Before selecting the cosmetics for you big day consider the season. In winter use a foundation that won’t look dry or flat, while during summers avoid anything that gets too shiny too fast! If your wedding ceremonies are prolonged, then opt for something long-wearing.
Facial And Hair Spa: It is advisable that you start getting monthly facials at least six months before the wedding. In case you have less time, you can opt for a bi-weekly gold facial. Do not forget to ask for a patch test before using any new products.
For healthy and frizz-free hair, get a hair spa done once a month and just like the facials, start taking hair spa at least six months before the wedding. If you prefer chemical free hair spas, use homemade masks to get some shine in your hair.
Choose a Lipstick or Balm You Can Carry With Finesse: Spend some time on the makeup counter and try as many lipstick shades as you can. Go for natural colours, apply a Lip Lacquer if needed.
Stay hydrated: Remember that you gulp in a lot of water. Hydrated skin allows the best application of makeup. Best of the Fashion Makeup Artist Indian suggest this.
Go for Waterproof Products: The bride tends to get emotional. Thus have a beauty blender handy to blot. Use a product that will make up into the skin and not leave streaks or wipe the product.
Balance Your Look: For a smokey look, go light on skin makeup and use a natural colour on the lips. For bold lips, go light on the skin makeup, apply a matte lipstick, as it is long-lasting and requires less maintenance.

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