Bride Alert: How to Choose a Perfect Hairdo?

You look so excited for your wedding day! Your lehenga, dupatta, footwear must be ready by now. What about your makeup and hairdo for different ceremonies? Haven’t you finalized that yet? Well, all the Bridal Makeup Artists in India suggest makeup and hairstyle depending on the skin tone and shape of the face.

Though the former is easy, quick and straightforward, the latter one can be challenging at times. Hence it is vital that like other brides you do not leave your hairstyle for the eleventh hour. We are saying this because only a perfect hairstyle can highlight the right angles of your face, while the wrong ones can make your face look fat. So in this blog let’s discover How to Choose a Perfect Hairdo?

1. The Most Challenging – Round Face

A wrong hairstyle on a round face can result in you looking plump.  Avoid this embarrassing situation by not going in for super straight or sleek hairstyles as they might make your face look all the more round. Do not tie your hair too tight or flat, as it will make your face look chubby. Solution? Opt for side-swept long fringe and let loose curls to frame your face. While covering the head, keep some volume under your dupatta.

2. Deal With Jawline and Chiseled Cheekbones – Square Face

For square faces to look appealing, it is crucial that you work with texture, waves, and curls. Middle parting is a big NO! Go for side parting and break the width of your face. Even better to have a lower fringe till your eyebrows, both side-swept or straight would look pretty decent.

3. Highly Versatile – Oval Face

With Oval faces, you only need to add some width to it with your hairstyle. Do this by creating an updo in the middle of the crown area or to one of the sides. Bridal Makeup Artists in Pune suggest avoiding blunt fringes.

4. Easy to Work With  – Heart Face

Leave loose curls to frame your face, add width to jaw and chin and highlight your cheekbones.

5. Tight Hairstyles Will Look Bizarre – Diamond Face

Tie your hair in a bun and leave loose curls on both the sides of your face to get a perfect look.

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